We’ve Updated Our Prices!

We’ve Updated Our Prices!

At Northeast Alternatives, our mission is to bring you the highest quality cannabis in the region; our passion lies in being the best d*mn dispensary in the northeast… 

Now, the best d*mn dispensary in the northeast has the best d*mn prices too.

Starting today, we’re excited to offer you better prices on all of your favorite flower, prerolls, and vape cartridges. 

We understand that value is important, that’s why we created tiered pricing so you can still get high-quality cannabis at prices that fit your budget. Our four product tiers: Value, Premium, Top-Shelf, and Exclusive, represent various defining factors throughout our products and are priced accordingly. 

Take a look at each section for our updated pricing for Flower, Prerolls, and Vape Cartridges and remember, these are not discounts or offers, these are the REAL prices we’re offering our customers every day!

Flower: The same great cannabis, now at lower prices. Check out the table below for a breakdown of our flower pricing.

Adult Use Flower
1 gram1/8th
Top Shelf$16.00$49.00
Medical Flower*
1 gram1/8th 1/41/21oz. 
Top Shelf$16.00$44.00$85.00$160.00$320.00

Preroll: Our preroll menu is also getting a major upgrade! We’ve dropped prices on all of your favorite prerolls.  

Adult Use Prerolls
.5 gram1 gram
Top Shelf$8.50$16.00
Adult Use Blunts
1 gram
Top Shelf$18.00
Adult Use Chillums
.3 grams$7.00
Medical Prerolls*
.5 gram1 gram
Top Shelf$7.00$13.00
Medical Blunts*
1 gram
Top Shelf$17.00
Medical Chillums*
.3 grams$6.00

Vape: Check out our vape cartridges that taste just like the strains you love; featuring new, lower prices. Vape cartridges are broken down into three categories: 

  • Full Flavor 510 Vape: These cartridges contain high-quality terpenes hand-selected by our extract team. Some of these cartridges include favorites like Sour Pebbles and Apple Jack. 
  • NEA In-House Terp 510 Vape: These cartridges contain 100% cannabis-derived terpenes extracted in-house from the highest quality flower, like our 1st place multiple-cup winning strains Mandarine Cookies and Ice Cream Man. 
  • Special Blend Ratio 510 Vape: These cartridges contain a unique blend of cannabinoids like Delta-8, Delta-9, and/or CBD, like our Wicked Cherry Cake OG 2:1 (THC:CBD), Cantaloupe Haze (D8:D9) and award winning Mandarin Cookies 1:1:1 (CBD:D8:D9) cartridges. 
Adult Use Vape
.5 gram
Full Flavor 510 Vape$50.00
NEA In-House Terp 510 Vape$55.00
Special Blend Ratio 510 Vape$60.00
Medical Vape*
.5 gram
Full Flavor 510 Vapes$50.00
NEA In-House Terp 510 Vape$55.00
Special Blend Ratio 510 Vapes$60.00

*Medical Use patient products priced according to state guidelines.

Questions? Just ask! Our budtenders and staff are here to answer your questions and get you the best product for the best price. If you have questions about our new pricing, drop us an email at support@nealternatives.com, chat with us on our website, or call us at (508)-567-6761. 

We’ve lowered our prices on our most popular products because we know that your money matters. We know you have options when it comes to dispensaries, and we’re so grateful that you choose to get your cannabis from Northeast Alternatives.  

Thank you for your continued support!

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