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We’re so excited to be a part of this year’s first-ever Massachusetts High Times Cannabis Cup! If you were lucky enough to get your hands on a Judge Kit for this people’s choice competition, Northeast Alternatives needs your vote! 

Love NEA? Help us make history and take home the cup! Scroll down to read more about our entries, and for a few reasons why we think these strains are High Times Cup winners! 

Don’t forget to sample and VOTE for your favorite NEA products by October 17. Let the judging begin!

Indica Flower

Gorilla Breath (Original Glue x OGKB)

This indica-dominant hybrid is not for the faint of heart! Users report Gorilla Breath boasts a heavy high that’s both cerebral and body-focused. With a delicious flavor profile that includes a number of flavors including pine, fuel, chocolate, diesel, and more, you’ll have to try it to believe it! Bred by Humboldt Seed Organization, this strain is absolutely to die for. 

Runtz (Zkittlez x Gelato)

This indica-dominant hybrid is known for its fruity terpenes, making it smell just like the bag of candy with the same name. Runtz offers a creamy smoke that’s smooth and flavorful with tropical fruit and sour berry flavors. Get ready for an instant mood boost, because users report that Runtz’s effects are euphoric, uplifting and are known for being long-lasting. 

Sativa Flower 

Sour Kush (Sour Diesel x OG Kush)

Pucker up! This strain’s terpene profile is true to its name; rich with sour citrus notes backed by pungent fuel. Sour Kush is a sativa-dominant hybrid that users describe as uplifting, energizing, and giggly. This strain can also get you back on your grind because users report a renewed sense of focus after enjoying it. 

Zsweet Inzanity (Durban Poison x Rainmaker x OG Glue)

We’re bringing this classic strain to the big leagues! Zsweet Inzanity is a flavor-packed sativa that has a terpene profile boasting sweet, earthy and pungent pine notes. Users rave about Zsweet Inzanity’s powerful energizing, uplifting effects and stunning flavor and we think you’ll love it too! 

Hybrid Flower 

Mandarin Cookies (Ethos Cookie #12 x Mandarin Sunset R1)

Try the strain with the most unique terpene profile to ever hit our shelves! We call our Mandarin Cookies the “Biscuits and Gravy Cut” for its doughy, pancake-like notes and savory garlic, mushroom, onion and gravy flavors. Trust us, you’ve got to try it to believe it! Users describe Mandarin Cookies’ effects as well-balanced and high functioning.

Ice Cream Man (Jetfuel Gelato x Legend Orange Apricot F2) 

This strain is definitely scream-worthy! Our Ice Cream Man is an indica hybrid cross that many users report carries a mildly energetic and euphoric high that hits quickly, despite its indica lineage. This fan-favorite, award-winning strain is known for its gorgeous looks and unique aroma and flavor similar to fresh lemon sorbet.


Tangerin Cookies OG Diamonds

One of our extract team’s special blends, this sauce is a special mix of our award-winning Mandarin Cookies and Tangie terpenes to create a sauce unlike any other. Our team amps it up a notch with THCA diamonds, the faceted, crystalline formations of isolated THCA whose molecules collect and stack together. Users report this concentrate has the uplifting effects of both Tangie and Mandarin Cookies for a sativa-like experience. 

Edibles, Fruity non-gummy

Forbidden Fruit Dried Mango Slices

The first edible of its kind, the key to Forbidden Fruit is its simplicity. We take real, whole fruit, dry it at peak ripeness, and then infuse it with our highest quality cannabis distillate–that’s it. Be warned, these dried fruit pieces go down easy because they’re just that good. Forbidden Fruit might just be the best edible you’ve ever tried. 


Cranberry Lime Mojito Cannatini 

Let us bring you a whole new meaning to higher spirits! Cannatini Cranberry Lime Mojito gummies are crafted to taste just like your favorite cocktail so you can enjoy all of the flavors with none of the hangovers! These gummies combine tart cranberry and zesty lime flavors with a light mint finish. Like the beverages that have inspired us, Cannatini Adult Chews are crafted to enhance a good time and taste great while doing it. 

Sativa Vape

Mandarin Cookies CBD:D8:D9 

This cartridge has a little bit of everything! Featuring distillate from our award-winning Mandarin Cookies strain with a blend of CBD, Delta-9 and Delta-8 THC to provide truly unique effects you won’t find anywhere else. Users report CBD helps mitigate pain and inflammation and regulate mood. Delta-8 THC, Powered by MOTIV8, is reported by users to produce mental clarity, focus, and energy, while Delta-9 THC is the primary cannabinoid that gives cannabis its psychoactive effects.


RSO Indica Tincture

Enjoy full-spectrum cannabinoid wellness, from our farm to your family. Our RSO Indica formula provides a robust cannabinoid and terpene profile found in Indica cannabis strains. With two simple ingredients, MCT (Coconut Oil) and Full-Spectrum Cannabis Extract, you can rely on Farm to Fam RSO Tinctures for product purity and reliability.

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