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Can’t get motivated? Let JOLT do the heavy lifting.

Hold onto your “To Do” list because our JOLT Formula from Dab FX+ may just kick your day into overdrive! If you need a little boost to get you through adulting, then reach for this unique blend of THCV and D9 THC with complementary terpenes like Limonene and Ocimene. Users tell us our JOLT Formula sharpens the mind and provides the creativity and motivation to get things done. But doesn’t overstay its welcome. So get it done with JOLT from Dab FX+!

Trouble sleeping? Try our REM formula! Punch your ticket straight to dreamland with our REM Formula from Dab FX+! If you’re looking for that good sleep, then try our special night time blend that combines the active cannabinoids of CBN, CBD and D9 THC with complementary terpenes such as Myrcene, Humulene and Caryophyllene. Word has it that our REM Formula will tuck you into bed, read you a nice story and kiss your forehead before sending you into a deep, blissful slumber. So brush your teeth and grab your teddy bear, with REM from Dab FX+, we’ll see you in the morning!

The Science Behind the FX 

Cannabinoids and terpenes work hand-in-hand to create the effects you know and love in cannabis. They’re like a great band. Sure, alone each one is interesting enough. But the true magic comes in what they do TOGETHER. When combined, they form interesting and unexpected harmonies that can pump you up, calm you down or take you on a journey inside your head. People who don’t know anything about music call this the “entourage effect.” 

Our extraction team followed Mother Nature’s playbook to do the same thing and create a line of vapes with effects. By blending select terpenes with complementary cannabinoids such as CBN or THCV, Dab FX+ formulas are crafted to maximize the effects of these relationships.

Two Cannabinoids You MUST Know

Just about everyone knows that Delta 9 THC is the cannabinoid that “gets you high.” And, at this point, CBD needs no introduction for all the potential benefits it can have. But that’s just scratching the surface! There are literally dozens of cannabinoids in cannabis. The more we look, the more we learn of others that seem to have unique abilities. Here’s two we think you should know…


CBN is the next big thing. We’ve found it to be an effective sleep aid. Though it doesn’t seem to put you to sleep as much as it helps you to stay asleep. And best of all, it won’t leave you groggy in the morning. 


THCV is the cannabinoid you need. Like THC, THCV is psychoactive – so it’ll get you high. Generally, not AS high as Delta 9 THC and the effects tend to wear off faster. But that’s not what makes THCV so special. We like it because it’s widely reported to provide focus and energy for getting things done. It’s also believed to suppress appetite – yup, weed with reverse munchies! 

Cannabinoids + Terpenes Equals EVERYTHING

So we covered a couple of cannabinoids, let’s talk terpenes! Terpenes are your buds’ taste and smell. The fruits, funks and fuels hidden under the lid. But they do much more than skunking out rooms or reminding you of oranges. Terpenes work behind the scenes with cannabinoids like THC, CBN, THCV to produce the effects you feel. Sleepy, giggly, couch lock, energized, munchies  – that’s all terpenes and cannabinoids going to work on you! 

Limonene gives lemons and other citrus fruits their distinctive taste and smell. It’s believed to show both anti-inflammatory and mood-boosting properties. When working in concert with cannabinoids, limonene is believed to increase the effects of THC and CBD to create a feeling of euphoria.

Ocimene has a floral sweetness with notes of citrus, and zesty orange. Ocimene is thought to have stimulating and energizing effects.

Myrcene is spicy, earthy, and fruity and often associated with mangos. Referred to as the relaxation terpene, it’s sought out for its potentially sedating effects. 

Caryophyllene tends to express spicy, pepper-like flavors in cannabis. It’s believed to be very similar to the cannabinoid CBD in its potential to reduce pain, inflammation, and stress and to reduce anxiety. 

Now you know a bit more about the science behind the FX. But the proof is in the pudding. If you’re looking for vapes with effects then level up with Dab FX+ REM and JOLT vapes!

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