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At NEA we source the best edibles in Massachusetts. Our Fall River dispensary is one of the top dispensaries in the state known, we are known for our unheard-of award-winning edibles. These edibles are not only high quality but also highly diverse in flavor THC and much more. At NEA, we have a team of knowledgeable and passionate cultivators and budtenders who use edibles themselves so that they can better understand the product inside and out. We want your entire experience with us to be enjoyable – from start to finish!

Like the beverages that have inspired us, Cannatini Adult Chews are crafted to enhance a good time and taste great while doing it.

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With the traditional flavors of your favorite desserts, Double Baked Chocolates are a delicious treat – twice as tasty, twice as baked.

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SWEETSPOT Hard Shell Chocolate edibles coat
decadent chocolate in a crunchy outer shell.

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Delight in our RSO. Top quality, natural, full extract
cannabis oil. RSO Sativa and Indica formulas.

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Family owned and operated, Forbidden Fruit planted its roots in 2018 to provide the healthiest alternative to an edible we could craft.

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