No One Throws Down Like Northeast Alternatives!

No One Throws Down Like Northeast Alternatives!

This year’s TERPTOWN THROWDOWN HOME GROWN CANNABIS AWARDS was an amazing experience. It was also another chance for Northeast Alternatives to flex our muscles and solidify our place as The Most Awarded Dispensary in Massachusetts!

WITH 8 TOTAL AWARDS, THAT’S JUST WHAT WE DID! Against dozens of competitors and entries, we collected some impressive hardware for our trophy case – including 1st Prize for CBD Flower, another FULL SWEEP of the CBD Extract Category and, best of all, STORE OF THE YEAR FOR 2022! Here’s the full rundown:



  • 1st PLACE: GG Confidential Terp Crystals
  • 2nd PLACE: Cookies & Ice Cream Man Terp Crystals
  • 3rd PLACE: Mellon Tsunami Terp Crystals


  • 1st PLACE: Sour Tsunami


  • 2nd PLACE: Black Out Gorilla Breath
  • 3rd PLACE: Black Cherry Og


  • 3rd PLACE: S’mores Bites

With these awards for PreRolls, we’ve started building momentum, now totaling three prizes, in this highly competitive category. Northeast Alternatives Packaging Manager, Rob Pacheco attributes this success to a team effort from top to bottom. “We simply have an amazing team who works to put out the best quality prerolls on the market,” states Pacheco. “That quality starts in Cultivation, with the best strains on the East Coast, before heading to Post Harvest for the perfect cure and trim. Finally, our Flower Packaging & Production team skillfully hand crafts smooth burning prerolls that you can enjoy from start to finish.”

The 3rd place victory for our S’mores Bites in the THC Edibles category is yet another notch in our craft kitchen’s belt! Connor Morgan, our Manufacturing Manager had this to say, “We’re determined to make the best tasting edibles, be it on store shelves or in a competition.” And, like so many others at NEA, Connor attributes our success to teamwork. “The entire team in the kitchen is enormously proud of the success we’ve shared the past couple years. We wanted to build upon our creativity with the Toasted S’mores Bonbon.”

The clean sweep in the CBD Extracts category is the second of its kind for NEA at Terptown Throwdown! We’ve been dominating the CBD Flower/Extract categories with 16 trophies over the past three years, including 1st Prize for Sour Tsunami (the staple of our CBD product lines) at the 2021 and 2022 NECANN Competitions.

“We’re humbled and appreciative of the recognition,” says Noel Barry, Director of Extractions. “The lab team wants to change the game with CBD concentrates and really explore the possibilities in craft concentrate formulation. We see the potential for CBD as part of peoples’ daily routines,” continues Noel. “When it’s used in complex formulations, CBD is capable of a surprisingly wide range of effects.”These wins bring NEA’s total to 49 AWARDS for cannabis flower, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, and overall excellence as a dispensary. THANK YOU to all of the competitors, judges, organizers and supporters for all of your hard work! We look forward to every one of these competitions and appreciate everything that you do for this community!

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