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New LOW Prices at NEA!

New LOW Prices at NEA!

Beat the heat all Summer long with our new LOW prices at NEA! We’re talking 1/8ths from $15, 1/4s from $25, 100mg Edibles from $15, Prerolls from $4 and so much more!

Every day!

But WHY are we doing this? Because when you run your mouth about being the best dispensary in Massachusetts, you gotta’ back it up. And offering you low prices is undeniably a part of that deal. 

Right from the rip, we loaded our menu with every type of cannabis you can think of. And maybe a few you didn’t even know were a thing! You’ve come to us for indicas, sativas, hybrids, indica hybrids, sativa hybrids, gummies, chocolates, chews, fast acting, RSO, vapes, pods, sublinguals with a graduated dropper and everything in between. You’ve definitely shopped from our broad SELECTION.

You’re also familiar with NEA’s awesome cannabis. You’ve certainly seen our billboards, posts, emails and advertisements bragging about our ever growing collection of trophies to support that claim (77 and counting). You’ve smoked our dank flower and gotten lost in our tasty edibles. NEA has unmatched QUALITY. 

You’ve had what, a million, casual conversations with our AMAZING team? You’ve laid it all out to our Budtenders and let them help you find just the right product for your needs. Maybe you’ve hit up our Customer Service Team on the phone or Live Chat with questions you were afraid to ask in person. Yeah, you’ve talked to Richard! So you know we’ll never be beaten on SERVICE.

That just leaves low prices. And we’re all over it!

There’s always been plenty to love here at Northeast Alternatives. Our quality, our selection, our service… But c’mon, nobody loves anything as much as they love a good deal! So we put it all together for you under one roof. Check out our new LOW prices at NEA and see for yourself, all over again, why Northeast Alternatives is the Best Damn Dispensary in Massachusetts!

Exclusive products, prices, rewards.

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