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NEA Disposable Vapes Are Here!

NEA Disposable Vapes Are Here!

NEA is bringing you the latest in vape tech! Disposable Vapes are here, and you’ve got to try these compact, portable devices filled with potent, high-quality distillate! 

Simple and convenient, NEA Disposable Vapes are your palm-sized solution for convenient toking. But don’t let their small size fool you, these batteries hit hard, producing big rips and thick clouds. 

Just hit it and go–it’s that simple. We always recommend starting low and going slow, so inhale for one puff, hold for three seconds, and exhale. If you’re new to consuming, try waiting ten minutes before taking your next hit. 

Great for beginner consumers or anyone looking for a lightweight, discreet alternative to traditional toking, our Disposable Vapes are your solution for easy toking on the go. 

Each disposable vape contains its own battery and pre-filled distillate cartridge. No need to worry about recharging your vape. Powered by a long-lasting lithium polymer battery, disposable vapes are designed to last as long as your oil does. 

Trust us, we know there’s nothing more frustrating than a dead battery on a disposable vape with oil left inside. We put our vapes through a rigorous testing process to ensure that doesn’t happen with NEA Disposable Vapes. Through all of our in-house testing, our batteries lasted as long as our distillate 100% of the time. 

Each device comes pre-filled with our ultra-refined cannabis distillate sourced from the highest quality cannabis. Try them all! Be on the lookout for these strains (and more to come!):

  • Granddaddy Purple (Indica)
  • Mandarin Cookies (CBD:D8:D9)
  • Sour Tsunami (CBD:D9)
  • Strawberry Cough (Sativa)
  • Strawana Cantaloupe Haze (Hybrid) 

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