How to Get a Medical Marijuana Job in Massachusetts

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Job in Massachusetts

Finding a Medical Marijuana Job in Massachusetts is not as bad as it may seem! Read how to get a job in the cannabis industry!

Step 1: Start reading everything you can. To get a medical marijuana job in Massachusetts, you must know the space.

First and foremost, we are hiring. Look here for jobs! But, we still suggest you read this so you have a better chance to get hired for a medical marijuana job.

The cannabis industry is hot. Everyone can see that. For the job searcher, this can be a blessing and a curse. The blessing is obvious:  more Registered Marijuana Dispensaries (RMD) are created, meaning there are more available medical marijuana jobs in Massachusetts. However, this can also mean an increased level of competition in the job searching market. With cannabis known to be a lucrative industry at this point in time, RMD’s understand their leverage. Here at NEA, we strive on having the best team possible so we can dramatically improve the lives of our patients. We know that the applicant pool is large to choose from, and because of the quality of our product and growth trajectory, we can pick from the best applicants.

There are a number of good blogs on the cannabis industry. A few of our favorites are High Times and Leafly.

Therefore, the first tip here is to understand and have a passion for the medical marijuana industry. It is clear to our team who is genuinely interested in working in cannabis and who is not. Do your reading on all major blogs such as ours, study for latest trends or things that pique your interest, and talk to friends in the industry. Basically, do your homework.

Step 2: Study previous markets.

Massachusetts is not the first state to have medical marijuana jobs. In fact, Massachusetts was the 18th state to legalize the use of medical marijuana. Meaning, there are a number of different states to study! Look at the state’s previous history. How has the market changed? What skills are necessary in order to get an offer at a RMD? They say history repeats itself – and the medical marijuana industry is likely no exception.

Step 3: Check out job pages for local dispensaries in Massachusetts! For example, we’re Hiring right here at NEA!

There are a number of medical marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts! Check out the different job openings and see where your skills fit and where you might have gaps. Work hard to understand how you can improve your application in comparison to other applicants. We’re probably biased, but working at NEA is incredibly fun and rewarding. Not to mention we are growing FAST!

The next tip is a great one for how to get your foot in the door and make your application stand out to get a medical marijuana job in Massachusetts and throughout the country.

Step 4: Craft your medical marijuana resume!

The purpose of a resume is to get an interview. Proofread your resume multiple times. Then, send your resume to your friends, mentors, family members, etc to receive feedback. Ensure your resume accurately represents your experience and skills.

If you lack experience in the cannabis industry but are passionate about the space, consider interning or taking a pay cut to get your foot in the door. If you have experience in retail, that’s great! Cannabis is retail. Just be sure to craft your story in a way that is interesting to the dispensary.

Step 5: Reach out for an informational interview at a medical marijuana dispensary

Almost 3/5 applicants who accept jobs at Fortune 500 companies are employee referrals. This is an example of it’s not what you know but who you know. Informational interviewing is a well-known and smart technique to get you that employee referral.

It works like this. If you know you want to work at NEA, for example, but don’t know anyone who works their specifically, it’s hard to get a referral. However, informational interviewing is a way to make that a possibility.

The Definitive Guide to Informational Interviewing:

  1. Go on LinkedIn and search for people with a medical marijuana job in Massachusetts
  2. Find an employee who has a role similar to what you would like to do at an RMD
  3. Reach out, explain your story and passion and ask if they have some time to discuss their role
  4. Prepare for your conversation, have great questions ready!
  5. Mention your interest working in the industry or at the dispensary. If you already know the job you want at the dispensary and there is a listing available, bring it up in the conversation!
  6. Be sure to thank them for their time in speaking with you and ask if they know anyone else you can speak with at the dispensary
  7. Be sure to follow up and thank them again for taking the time.
  8. When you apply to the role or continue their job search, email them! And if you’re feeling bold, ask for a referral!

Step 6: Apply!

This one’s obvious, you have to put yourself out there! Remember, if the job listing that you want isn’t available, there may still be a place for you. At the very least, send an email with your information and see if you get a response!

Step 7: Prepare for your Interview

Use all your learning so far and bring it all together! Remember, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Step 8: Arrive early for your interview, and crush it!

You got this ?

Step 9: Receive an offer 

If you receive an offer, congrats! You’ve achieved your goal of getting a medical marijuana job in Massachusetts!

To view our current openings at NEA, click here!

To visit our news and get reading about medical marijuana, click here!

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