Introducing Valorem: Cannabis On A Mission.

Introducing Valorem: Cannabis On A Mission.

The war on drugs is unjust, and top dollar 1/8ths that underdeliver don’t feel right either. We know that not everyone who respects the dank can pay top dollar, so we sell Valorem products at prices you can live with.

At Valorem, we grow A LOT of weed. No shwag here, just straight fire! So at the end of the day, we have a big ol’ pile of really high quality flower. Tomorrow, we’ll have even more. It’d be a damn shame to have it just sitting around going stale, so we decided to do some good with it instead.

Dank Weed and a Good Deed! Every bag of Valorem flower won’t just get you stoned, it’ll make a positive impact right here in Grassachusetts… all while saving you a few bucks in the process. Your purchase of Valorem flower includes a donation to social equity and inclusion initiatives, which is matched by Northeast Alternatives.

That’s right, we’re donating a portion of every sale to those who’ve been abused by the system for too long. Together, we’re fighting the injustice of the war on drugs one affordable nug at a time. 

Valorem flower delivers substantially higher quality than its price suggests. Our affordable prices will save you money, and our exceptional quality will keep you coming back for more. And every time you do, you’ll know that each sale is helping those most impacted by the war on drugs.

So smoke up and enjoy, because today you took “the high road.”

Available Products: Valorem flower is packaged to meet the needs of budget minded stoners. Available in 1g prerolls and pre-packaged 1/8ths for those on a limited budget, as well as 1 ounce bags for those who stock to save!   I   IG @valoremforall

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