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Get the Dosage Right

Get the Dosage Right

It’s all about starting slow and working your way up from there.

When beginning your journey with cannabis, it is important that you ease into it. Our budtenders will be able to guide you toward the best consumption option for you, and can recommend the proper dosage. There’s no need to rush into ingesting large amounts of cannabis. For smoking and vaping we suggest you inhale a small amount, only pull for a second or two, hold it in for another couple seconds, and exhale. Wait 15 min or more before determining if you should try another puff. You will learn your own tolerance and develop it further as you go. 

For edibles we suggest you nibble 1/4th of a 5mg gummy to start, this is called “micro-dosing” and may help ensure a positive start. Edibles can be very scary if you eat too much. Be sure to wait 2 hours before determining if you should eat more. Again, start low, go slow. 

A Basic Guide to Dosing by Consumption Method

Smoking: One Puff (2 sec. inhale, hold for 2 sec.)

Topicals: Apply a small amount to affected area, 1-2 pumps.

Vaping: One Puff (2 sec. inhale, hold for 2 sec.)

Edibles: 1.25 – 5mg or less (edibles kick in slowly)

Capsules: 5mg or less (take a single capsule orally)

Tinctures: 5mg or less (take under the tongue)

Dabbing : 2 sec. inhale, hold for 2 sec. (Not recommended for new users!)


“It is best to go slow and implement a few common-sense DO’s & DONT’S

Do Consult Your Doctor if Pregnant

There may be additional health risks associated with the consumption of cannabis for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning on becoming pregnant. Please consult your doctor.

Do Keep Cannabis Away from Children

Make sure to store your products away from children in its original child-proof packaging and to clearly mark it as cannabis. Do not store cannabis with other food where it may be accidentally ingested. NEA puts all products in Child Proof Packaging so we can have an active role in keeping your household a safe and happy one. 

Don’t Mix Cannabis with Alcohol

The results can be quite adverse. If you have had alcohol and decide to smoke, you may get the spins and find yourself feeling sick to your stomach. Many people report getting sick when mixing these two. 

Don’t Drive or Use Heavy Machinery

Don’t get behind the wheel or operate heavy machinery under the influence of cannabis. Driving while under the influence is prohibited by law (M.G.L. c. 90, § 24) and should be avoided at all costs.

Don’t Consume Cannabis on an Empty Stomach

It’s not a good idea to try cannabis for the first time without eating. Eating helps to regulate the intensity of its effects. 

Don’t Consume Too Much

Remember to start with a small dose, refer to our tips about “micro-dosing” on page 8. Anxiety, paranoia, and other intense feelings may pop up if you use too much cannabis at one time. If you feel as though you’ve consumed too much, stay calm and check out page 6 of this guide. These effects will pass with time. 

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